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The industrialized modular enclosure
that adapts to your project

P3 System is the industrialized construction solution developed and patented by CIDARK. This system was undertaken identifying the needs to modernize the construction processes towards more sustainable, efficient and quality practices according to the demand of our times.

The characteristic element is the supporting panel that acts as a structure and enclosure. The system is completed with auxiliary structures such as the profiles, roof structure and the bolted joints, which make up a solid and permanent structure.

CIDARK P3 System complies with the regulatory requirements set forth in the Technical Code for Building Construction and EN-1090, in relation to structural resistance, thermal-acoustic insulation, protection against fire, …

Modular system made out of panels with structural and enclosure function
Industrial manufacturing with millimeter precision achieving a high performance system
Lightness and simplicity in handling and transport
Sistema P3

How to build with P3 System

Integrate P3 System
Replace the enclosure and the traditional structure with P3 modular solution since the begining of the design phase. Being a versatile modular system, your designs can be easily transformed into an industrialized system.
We manufacture the specific structural components and panels necessary to shape your project. We take care of transporting all the components of P3 System, from our site to your work site, so that you can arrange them at the precise moment and in the agreed and predefined assembly order.
Reception on site
All the elements that make up the P3 System are delivered protected so that they do not suffer damage during transport and they can be properly stocked on site. Each component is clearly identified so that can be easily assembled.
P3 System has an industrial precision so that the assembly can be done in a minimum time. Before starting the assembly, you must carry out a stakeout on the slab of the perimeter walls and interior partitions.
Profile and panel assembly
Metalic profiles are fixed to the slab so that P3 panels will be assembled on these profiles by bolted joints. Floor panels are fixed to vertical panels, as they incorporate next floor profiles. If the maximum height of the building has been reached, it is finished with flat or sloped roof panels.
Façade and interior finishing
Finished facades and interiors are at the discretion of the builder and its client. P3 system supports any type of coating, both interior and exterior: laminated plaster, ventilated façade, SATE ...

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Benefit from building with P3 System

In CIDARK, with P3 System, we make the technology available to developers and builders who want to adopt an industrialized solution for their constructions. Integrating a highly precise structural modular system that allows them to reduce time and costs on site.

Reduces your work schedule
As working with P3 system is a dry construction, the construction phase is reduced by around 50% compared to a traditional systems, since all the components of the P3 System are delivered ready to be assembled on site.

In addition, we have a logistics team with proven experience to guarantee deliveries in reduced times.

Highly suitable and flexible to your project
P3 System is a standardized solution that provides maximum creative and design flexibility for the construction of high-quality, sustainable, custom projects with all the advantages of industrialized construction.
Maximum assembly easiness
The assembly of the system is very simple so it does not require highly qualified personnel. All the components of the P3 System are delivered clearly identified and establish a predetermined order for assembly.
Controlled costs
Savings in overall project and construction costs, by reducing construction times, you get your investment back soon. In addition, you have total control over costs, since contingencies, wastes and extra costs that directly affect the costs of your work are greatly reduced.
Environmentally friendly
P3 system reduces CO2 emissions rate by 40% compared to traditional construction systems
Energy efficiency
P3 System provides an enclosure with a high degree of energy efficiency. We have technical tests certified by Tecnalia in terms of mechanical resistance, protection against fire, sealing and acoustic insulation.

P3 System is designed under passive criteria so that you can certify your project with Passivhaus or Buildings with almost zero energy consumption distinction.

Certified quality
Years of continuous improvement have made us develop a high-performance product, providing quality and technology to face the new challenges in the construction sector.

All the panels and auxiliary structures of our P3 System are accredited with CE certification in accordance with the EN-1090 standard for steel and aluminum structures, and comply with the Technical Building Code.

Reduction of risk of accident on site
Reduction of risk of accident on site.Construction is safer since we manufacture P3 system on a controlled environment and with rigorous security measures.
Minimization of waste management
Significant reduction in waste control costs due to the minimization of waste generated on site.

At our facilities, during the manufacturing process, we carry out an exhaustive control over the waste generated, classifying and recycling 100% of the waste generated.

Optimization of raw materials
We only work with recycled, recyclable materials and from a responsible management of resources. Our panels and auxiliary components use galvanized structural steel, thermo-acoustic insulation made with a minimum of 75% recycled textile fibers and OSB wood panels from responsibly managed forests.

Advantages over other systems

The following table shows a comparative table of the P3 System with respect to other construction systems, both industrialized and traditional.

Dry construction
Fast assembly
Reduced work schedule Depends on the system
Light elements that facilitate assembly Depends on the system
Allows total control over costs Depends on the system
Solid and durable system Depends on the system
Versatile and adaptable to custom projects Depends on the system
Recyclable materials Depends on the system
Sustainable system Depends on the system

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled some of the queries that our clients usually ask us:

Can I use the P3 construction system for my own designs?
That's right, P3 System is made up of vertical and horizontal panels with a minimum unit of 30 cm in length, which makes the system adaptable to any design and distribution.
How much time do I save on site building with P3 System?
One of the great advantages of using P3 panels is how fast it is assembled. In just 6 days, the structural system of the facade, interior panels, floors and roof of a 150m2 single-family home can be built.
How can I become a partner?
Contact us and we will tell you how you can make the P3 System your industrialized construction system.
What kind of buildings can I build with the P3 System?
You can use P3 System for the construction of single-family, semi-detached, collective and service buildings of up to 3 heights
What does P3 System include?
The basic solution is made up of vertical and horizontal panels composed of galvanized steel frames, thermo-acoustic insulation, OSB3 board exterior finishes, and in the faces that require it, the profiles for the interior cladding are included. We also offer solutions that incorporate, waterproofing sheet, vapor barrier, SATE, geotextile sheet, mechanized EPS with slope for roof,… so that you can reduce construction time on site.
My client wants a rustic-style home and wants to leave the wooden joists visible, can I offer this solution using the p3 system?
Of course. You can offer rustic finishes while maintaining all the advantages of building with an industrialized system. The P3 System is a wall system composed of a galvanized steel structure. The system has specific fixings to resolve the joints of the wooden joists of the slab and/or roof to the wall panels, so the loads can be transmited to the foundation.
May I use my own team to assemble P3 System on my constructions?
Sure, P3 System is designed to be assembled like a mechano. All components are delivered duly identified and accompanied by assembly drawings.

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