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construction system

At CIDARK we look forward to provide you with high-quality, more efficient, durable, solid and sustainable solution to build your customised projects, that is why we have developed P3 System. It reduces significantly the time and overall costs of your constructions, always using sustainable materials and top manufacturing processes.

We contribute our knowledge and experience to the modernization of the construction sector through the incorporation of industrial products and processes, in order to make construction a safer, more precise sector and in which unforeseen events are reduced to minimum.


What is P3 System?

P3 System is an industrialized modular construction solution based on the Steel Framing construction concept. The characteristic element of the solution is the structural panel composed of a galvanized steel frame that incorporates thermo-acoustic insulation. The solution is complemented by structural fixings and other accessories.

All the elements of the P3 System are produced in our facilities under an exhaustive quality control. The system is easily assembled on site, thus configuring the structure and envelope of your project in a solid and permanent way.

Our know-how is are backed by years of continuous improvement and Agui as the parent industrial company.


Why should I use P3 System?

Industrialized structural construction system
Structural system based on the concept of steel framing and composed of prefabricated components.
Maximum assembly easiness
Extremely easy to assemble, it reduces the risk of accident on site.
Environmentally friendly
Recycled and recyclable materials, waste control and reduction of CO2 emissions.
Certified quality
High performance system that complies with applicable regulations and standards.
Reduce your work schedule
Dry construction reduces time by about 50% in comparison with conventional construction processes.
Highly suitable and flexible
Creative flexibility in your design with all the advantages of using an industrialized construction system.
Controlled costs
It allows total control over construction costs and allows savings in general terms of the project
Energy efficiency
Energy efficient system verified by certified technical tests.

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