Zuñiga Sustainable House

In this village placed right in the border between the regions Álava and Navarra (Spain), is where during the upcoming weeks we will erect a sustainable 2 bedroom and 78sqm detached house to Ander and Ane. From the very beggining we have been in constant contact with them in order to shape the project taking into account that practicality and sustainability had to be our main concerns.

The ones below are some of the features of this house:

-Firewood hydro-stove heating system.

-Low energy LED lighting.

-High performance thermal insulation.

-ETICS projected cork facade (External Thermal Insulation Composite System)

As we move towards we will share pictures and more details about this project!

Soli Nou House

The waste generation and their subsequent treatment is a real problem that is bothering institutions more and more, specially into an island like Menorca, where natural heritage conservation is specially relevant.

In this residential project developed to a holiday housing promotion, we achieved the goal of minimizing the waste generation thanks to our construction technology and the right material selection, far from the environmental foodprint of traditional construction systems.

Línea Frío is a detached 105sqm house including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet and a wide living room with an open kitchen. The southern face of the building is protected from the direct sun exposure in order to contribute to a lower energy consumption of the air conditioning system. Regarding the external layout of the building we present two alternatives, always guaranteeing an optimized thermal transmittance level: on one hand and ETICS type facade finished with a single layer mortar and on the other hand a precast stone cladding ventilated facade.

Buztintxuri School Extension

Providing high quality education to our youngest generations is definitely linked with the contents and teachers, but it also has a lot to do with the right confort conditions inside the classrooms. Beyond this functional point of view, at CIDARK we think that education centres must contribute to create an atmosphere, a state of mind where the students can develop their skills. Especially if we are talking about a primary education centre like Buztintxuri.

That is the reason why we designed this building with a second skin composed by multi-colour perforated steel sheets, a vitalist vision far from the neutral pre-existing architecture of the centre. Moreover, this layer protects the classrooms from the direct sunlight, enabling a more homogeneous lighting as well as reducing the energy consumption of the AC.

This annex building accomodates 3 classrooms for children, 8 primary classrooms, a 220sqm and 4m free height gym and diverse auxiliary rooms to complement the current teaching offer.

Lasao Community Center

This building is a community centre located in the neighbourhood of Lasao on the Urola river, a building of 110sqm on ground floor, granted to offer a place where locals could develop their social relations. Implemented in August 2015, the assembly time  with a 5 people team took only two weeks, using basic tools like drills and wrenches.

The same efficiency and quality features that determined the creation of the P3 System, were the ones that guided us by the time of choosing the coatings and facilities of the community centre, giving rise to a equipment building of the best performance including:

-Composite material slat ventilated facade: 50% recycled plastic / 50% wood fibres.

-Mineral wool thermal-acoustic insulation on facade and horizontal closings.

-Wood-cement internal boards

-High abrasion resistance vinyl siding on floors.

-Vinyl siding on wet room walls

-Wood fibre acoustic false ceiling

-Low energy LED lighting

-Integrated air conditioning on false ceiling

-Fire detection system

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